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How to Catch Big Bluefin Tuna

How to Catch Big Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin tuna, also called true tunas, is a big tuna species with a metallic blue on top and silver white at the bottom. It can grow up to a size that is longer than 15 feet. The biggest bluefin tuna ever caught weighed more than 1500 pounds.

Bluefin tuna is a migratory fish that has the habit of traveling to and fro from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico or Mediterranean Sea. The Gulf of Mexico and Mediterranean seas are common places for bluefin tuna to spawn. They can also be found in other ocean such as Eastern Atlantic, Black Sea, North American coast and sometimes in the cold waters of the Iceland ocean.

Large schools of bluefin tunas will be present in the Australia Atlantic ocean around March and continue to stay there until June or July. Therefore, the best time to set out with your fishing charter is in these months. You can catch them offshore most of the time although it is also possible to catch them close to shore sometimes. You can put out your boat offshore as far as 50 NM to catch bluefin tuna.

Bluefin tuna likes to ride on the sea current. So, before going out on fishing trip, check the sea currents of that day and you will know where to track down the tuna. The ideal setting for the Bluefin tuna to come schooling on the surface is a water temperature between 16 – 18 degrees celcius and a clear ocean water. However, sometimes, they may also appear when the temperature is slightly lower or higher.

Beginners who want to learn how to catch tuna should learn to look out for signs like schools of baitfish on the surface. Sometimes, movement of the surface water means there is a school of baitfish swimming just below the surface. Often, you can also see flocks of diving sea birds like terns that fly close to the surface. If there is, chances are they are schools of bait fish nearby and the big bluefin could be there to catch them for meals.

You are to throw your bait as close to where the birds are. Once you have thrown the bait, don’t expect the fist will bite instantly. It will take a few minutes for the fish to find the bait. When the fish is biting, get ready to throw the baits so that it will keep following. The key is to keep on throwing the bait until it swims near to the boat. For your bait, you should use something that the bluefish likes to eat like squid, and pilchards.

Before you can fish for bluefin tuna in north america, you need to get a permit. This is because bluefin tuna is a strictly regulated fish. If you follow a charter excursion, the captain will have already obtained the necessary permit. You also need to have a license if you want to sell the catch. You can call the NFMS at 1-888-USA-TUNA to ask questions about the fishing regulations and find out your daily catch quota.

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