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Fishing for Tuna in San Diego

Fishing for Tuna in San Diego

San Diego Fishing Times

San Diego is known for its abundant marine life and diverse fishing opportunities. Tuna, in particular, is a popular target for both recreational and professional anglers. Here are some options for fishing for tuna in San Diego, along with the best times of the year to catch these elusive creatures.

San Diego Land-Based Tuna Fishing Options

San Diego Land-Based Tuna Fishing Options
San Diego Land-Based Tuna Fishing

There are several land-based options for fishing for tuna in San Diego. One option is to fish from the jetties at the entrance to San Diego Bay. These jetties offer good access to deeper water where tuna can be found. A variety of bait and lures can be used, including live bait such as anchovies or sardines, or artificial lures such as jigs or Rapalas. It’s a good idea to bring a pair of polarized sunglasses to help spot tuna breaking the surface or cruising along the jetty walls.

Another option is to fish from the piers that extend out into the ocean from Mission Beach and Pacific Beach. These piers offer the advantage of being able to cast longer distances, which can be helpful when trying to reach tuna that are further offshore. It’s a good idea to bring a variety of bait and lures, as well as a sturdy rod and reel with a fast retrieve rate to help bring in the tuna.

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Recreational San Diego Tuna Fishing Options

For those who want to fish for tuna from a boat, there are several recreational options available in San Diego. One option is to rent a small boat or kayak and fish from the shores of Mission Bay or San Diego Bay. These sheltered bodies of water offer good access to a variety of species, including tuna, which can be found along the drop-offs and channels leading out to the ocean.

Another option is to join a group fishing trip on a recreational fishing boat. These trips typically leave from the marinas in Mission Bay or Point Loma and offer a variety of options for targeting tuna, including live bait fishing, jigging, and trolling. These trips are a good way to learn from experienced captains and crew, and they often provide all the necessary gear and bait.

Chartered Options for Catching Tuna in San Diego

For those who want to go after tuna in a more serious manner, there are several charter options available in San Diego. These options range from half-day trips to multi-day expeditions and can be tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the angler.

One popular option is to book a trip on a sportfishing boat that specializes in tuna fishing. These boats are typically equipped with the latest in fishing technology, including radar, GPS, and fish finders, as well as a variety of tackle and bait. The crew is usually made up of experienced fishermen who know the local waters and can help anglers target the best spots for tuna.

Best Times of the Year to catch Tuna in San Diego

Tuna are present in the waters off San Diego year-round, but the best times to catch them depend on the specific species and the method being used. For example, bluefin tuna, which can reach weights of over 1,000 pounds, are most commonly found in the colder months from November through April. These fish can be targeted using live bait or jigs, and they are often found in deeper water near structures such as wrecks or oil platforms.

Yellowfin tuna, which can reach weights of up to 200 pounds, are more commonly found in the warmer months from May through October. These fish are often found in shallower water near schools of baitfish and can be targeted using a variety of methods, including trolling, jigging, and live bait fishing.

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