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How to Catch Tuna in Animal Crossing New Horizons

How to Catch Tuna in Animal Crossing New Horizons

How to catch tuna animal crossing
How to catch tuna animal crossing

The tuna is a scarce fish that can be caught in Animal Crossing New Horizons. All you need is the right time, the right spot, some bait, and a fair bit of patience. When you catch one, your heart will race and you will be glad you persisted. When catching it, you will hear the quote “I caught a tuna! It’s a little off-key!”

The Tuna fish sells for 7,000 Bells at Tom Nook’s store, which makes it the second most lucrative winter fish after the Stringfish. You can also donate the fish to Blathers who will tell you a story about the Tuna and then place it in his large tank in the saltwater fish room.

Tuna can be fished for at the following times

tuna animal crossing new horizons
tuna animal crossing new horizons

Northern Hemisphere – November to April
Southern Hemisphere – May to October

Items you need to catch tuna on Animal Crossing

10 or more of fish bait is needed. To obtain fish bait, go and collect Manila Clams on beaches with your shovel. You then take the clams to a crafting bench (there’s one inside Residents Services) and craft your fish bait.

2 or more fishing rods are also needed when setting off for tuna fishing.

To catch Tuna on ACNH you need to be at the correct spot

To catch Tuna on ACNH you need to be at the correct spot. They can be found by the pier as they are a sea fish only. Check the pier periodically throughout the day and look for a BIG fish shadow.

To increase your odds you will need to embark on island tours. The spawn rate is increased on island tours, so it is advisable to target tuna this way. Ensure you have the minimum listed equipment above.

While on the island tour, fish from the wooden pier which Wilbur is standing.

Technique for catching the Tuna

When tou have the right time, items and spot, you are ready to fish! Throw out your bait to lure fish in. Tuna are only caught when a big shadow appears, so if a smaller shadow appears, you can either catch the fish or scare it away by running fast towards it. We prefer to catch the fish incase its another rare fish such as a blue marlin.

Repeat the process of placing your bait in the water and fishing, it could take some time for the tuna to appear. When it does, you will be rewarded.

Happy Tuna Fishing!

how to catch a tuna acnh